Multiple track selection

audirvana origin please tell me how I can select multiple tracks. Using Command or Shift does not work. I want to be able to modify metadata

selecting a track then use command click another track works on Mac,
pretty sure the same with control on PC

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To add to @RunHomeSlow, I have Origin on my Windows PC. I can confirm that using Ctrl-Click on tracks works fine for selecting multiple tracks in Origin for Windows.

In Windows it is also normal in programs to press Ctrl-A (like Cmd-A on a Mac) to select ALL items in a list, but that does not seem to work in Audirvana Origin for now. I’ve read somewhere in another thread that @Antoine (Audirvana support) is aware of this and probably this will be added in a future update.

Edit: I just checked shift-click in Windows and that works fine as well for selecting a bunch of multiple tracks at once. I don’t know if that works on the Mac, but I assume it does.

Thanks RunHomeSlow. I figured it out - I couldn’t see selected tracks because I was in the very pretty but useless Dark mode! It now works as you and others describe.

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