Multiplied Playlists from iTunes

Hi all
I use audirvana since years and since weeks I came across an issue I cannot solve:
Mac Big Sur
Audirvana 3.5.44
I organise my songs in iTunes and synch itunes with audirvana.
all well until recently.
Suddenly I see some playlists three or even four times. One contains the songs as organised in iTunes, the others are empty, but there as playlists. It does not seem to matter if the playlist is intelligent or manual.
I checked the database integrity and created the indices from scratch. No help.
I deleted the synchornisation and restarted it from scratch.
No help
Now I am out of options.
Any ideas?

Hello @taipan,

You have activated the Music sync with Audirvana but you see playlists you have previously created and have deleted them in Music?

No, not deleted. Just created. But I create one.
Lets say
I see it once in in Music but four times in audirvana. 3 empyt, 1 with the content as in Music

Same problem with me. I am afraid my reply may not help, especially since the current version will not be updated (just watched the horrible facebook broadcast.) I feel sad for Damien Plisson who developped Audirvana, a nice guy who is now the victim of greedy businessmen.