My Music - Favorite Tracks Sorting/Filtering?

I am new to Audirvana and learning the software. I am thinking there is a way to do this, but I’m also not figuring it out either…

When I select Tracks Under the My Music - Tracks, up comes a list of all the songs I have checked the heart on for. It shows a listing of favorite tracks from every album/artist I have. Within this entire list of favorite tracks is there a way to only show tracks from 1 given artist? Then hit play/shuffle to playback only the favorite songs from that one artist vs. favorite songs from every artists/album owned?

Thank you for any assistance.

Hello @ntlwhlr,

What you describe would be more effective if you use playlist. In this case you have much more flexibility with it and you can do what you want with the tracks you have in the playlist.

Thank you for the suggestions. I do have some playlists set up that way but was hoping to avoid having to make a bunch of playlists. Thank you.