Navigation not smooth

Hello, the navigation in Tidal is not as smooth as Tidal app.

There is lag when you press a track to play and the album cover is disappearing, for some reason the position in track and cover are changed. I have also try to change the pre-load bar to lowest position.
Also when i make a search on Tidal and click on an album or artist many times the screen is stuck on loading and sometimes i have an “audirvana not responding error” and then the tracks are loaded. What it is causing this ;

app ver 3.5.10

Hello @Hibana, have you tried to reconnect your tidal account in Audirvana? Did this slowness was here before 3.5.9?

yes, i have reconnect many times, same problem with previous version.

How much RAM do you have in your system?

My system has 16GB RAM

The Tidal navigation depends on Tidal responsiveness to get the information to you, what kind have internet connection do you have?

i am writing again to this thread. i see that audirvana compared to Tidal native app, delays very much to load album list from an artist and sometimes hang up. native app loads albums instantly.
What causes it ?

Hello @Hibana,

Does this issue appear when you are playing a music?