Need larger font

On a Mac, I would like to have a larger font throughout the user interface. Is there a way to do this? I can see that this has been requested before, but don’t see a response from the developer. Thanks.

Not the best solution, but you can go to your MAC Preferences Panel…
Display, select lower resolution or click scale option and set it to a lower resolution…
all will be bigger, but the font will grow too…

or you go the preferences panels also
to Accessibility… Zoom option and enable hover text… could help too…

best solution would be from @Damien3 :slight_smile:

RunHomeSlow, thanks. I have used both of these in the past, but they are definitely second best to what can be done in pretty much any web browser using Command +/-

How about a “responsive” Web UI for Audirvana?

This is likely and hopefully not a web app :slight_smile:

Building a responsive UI is a lot more work for a native application and lot more work if it needs to be retrofitted after an app is built.

Hello @BlairWare, thank you for your post, we had some request about it but we need to make sure that everything in Audirvana fit properly when you are using a bigger font size, this is why it would require some work to be done. We will do it in a future update of Audirvana.

Thanks. I look forward to the update as I am sure others are as well.