Need multichannel playback to UPnP devices

In UPnP playback, Audirvana can’t play in multichannel for now. This is a feature we are going to add in an upcoming update, around the 3.5 release (3.5 in currently in beta test with UPnP stereo).

+1 for multichannel upnp playback. I’m waiting for this feature before upgrading my license. Is it on the roadmap?

Hi, Damien. In a future release, would it be possible to select multichannel capability for UPnP devices? I can select multichannel for my Mac Mini that is directly connected to a Marantz receiver via HDMI, but if I am streaming to a Raspberry Pi connected via HDMI to a Pioneer receiver, it defaults to Stereo with no option to change.

Marantz Receiver

Raspberry Pi

+1 to this request. Is multichannel over upnp on the roadmap?

Another plus for this request! Audirvana is fantastic, but as I use a multichannel DAC, this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @erich256 , we are actually studying the implementation of this feature but we don’t have an ETA for the moment and it won’t be in the actual version of Audirvana (3.5).

Hi Damien! I am desperate for Multichannel playback over UPnP as my whole audio system is set up for DSD multichannel and Audirvana is the only link in the setup that is preventing this. Do you have an ETA for this feature? Thanks!

Checking back. Is multichannel upnp playback on the roadmap?

@Antoine, Is multi channel upnp playback supported in the new Audirvana Studio version?

It looks like this feature has still not been implemented? It would be especially useful now that multichannel VST3 plugins are (I believe) supported. My use-case is: 7.1 file → converted to stereo by multichannel VST3 plugin → uPnP streamer.