Need multichannel playback to UPnP devices

In UPnP playback, Audirvana can’t play in multichannel for now. This is a feature we are going to add in an upcoming update, around the 3.5 release (3.5 in currently in beta test with UPnP stereo).

+1 for multichannel upnp playback. I’m waiting for this feature before upgrading my license. Is it on the roadmap?

Hi, Damien. In a future release, would it be possible to select multichannel capability for UPnP devices? I can select multichannel for my Mac Mini that is directly connected to a Marantz receiver via HDMI, but if I am streaming to a Raspberry Pi connected via HDMI to a Pioneer receiver, it defaults to Stereo with no option to change.

Marantz Receiver

Raspberry Pi

+1 to this request. Is multichannel over upnp on the roadmap?

Another plus for this request! Audirvana is fantastic, but as I use a multichannel DAC, this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @erich256 , we are actually studying the implementation of this feature but we don’t have an ETA for the moment and it won’t be in the actual version of Audirvana (3.5).