New A+ User - a few questions please

First post so please be gentle - technical stuff doesn’t come easily to me :smiley: .

I have a couple of Linn Network players and have been used to using their control app, Kazoo, to stream from my NAS and Tidal up to now. It’s limited so have been looking at alternatives.

Having discovered A+ I have started to use it on a couple of my Apple devices and use it to listen to music on my networked devices and headphone amp - all working very well and enjoying it.

I am just confused as to the quality of the stream, compared to something like Roon, which A+ ‘sends’ to my network players. Using Roon as a comparator, which is now integrated into Linn devices, when I use Roon the device clearly shows ‘Roon’ as the source and the sound quality is excellent.

I am aware that A+ isn’t integrated into Linn devices, therefore, won’t show up the same way. When I select one of these as the output in A+ I get to choose something like:

UPnP: Linn Majik DSM: UPnP AV’. I have selected the max rates as 24/192.

I have no issue with playing to the devices but want to understand what quality A+ is streaming to them at (i.e. is it true quality or Airplay?). Also, in streaming this way which DAC is being used - A+ or the devices?

Sorry for the basic questions. I am just trying to understand what a lot of this stuff is about and whether I already have a viable alternative to Linn’s control software in A+ or whether the expensive Roon is a better option.

Thanks in advance for the help.