New Audirvāna Origin

I wanted to buy this kind of dac but didn’t have the money. Great!

It is exactly the same as Audirvana Studio, just remove the podcasts, radios, streaming services and Musicbrainz extra tags.
As of right now, no column browsing (I understand this is important for you, I honestly don’t know if it’s the case for many people). Only folder trees (but it’s not new).

For UPnP my experience (with my beloved Yamaha WXC-50) is still not as good as it could (wrong displayed track, can’t scroll within a track, sometimes playing time is shown sometimes not, I haven’t got the “stop at the end of a track and not playing the next one” yet but I suppose it’s coming too). Audirvana Origin still has to deal with the various flawed implementations of UPnP around, as it’s still not a UPnP Server.

really the best


@Yohmi , thanks for the info, Sounds like the name should be Studio Lite perhaps. This now makes a lot of sense as to why the Studio updates have been so local library centric as of late. This and the Japanese product are at the front of the focus evidently. Hope your test goes well, take care.

Upper pic are commands from “old” 3.5 for which I purchased both Mac and Win licences separately, and lower are commands of new Origin. I miss the stop command. Instead I have to use shortcut “Cmd+.” . Since I use my Mac for various tasks beside Audirvana playback, and sometimes have to listen sound from other sources pause only stops playback but doesn’t break “integer mode”, one has to stop playback in Audirvana to activate sound in other aplications… So please add stop button.


Click on the little lock :lock: on right side to stop. Yes it’s goofy for certain

Every other piece of equipment uses a square as stop, universal language SMH

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Thx OffRode - that works…
I have one more remark with Origin. I used small freware app Lyrics with old 3.5.50 to have lyrics displayed. I know it is probably due to update of app itself but just to note it doesn’t work with Origin - pitty. Does anyone have some other solution to display lyrics with Origin?

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I am still on 3.5 and are happy with it. I only use local library so Origin looks like it is targeted to my usecase. Been reading up on Origin and this thread and I am sorry, I do not understand why I would replace 3.5 at this time?


We had to make decisions about this, we always need to prioritize things and since we took the feedback from users very seriously, the choice was made to first focus on Audirvāna Studio before releasing a product like Origin.

And I can guarantee you that we are working on really nice features that will comes in 2022 :wink:

Haha. Yeah, no thanks, @Yohmi.

If I could post a screen recording here, to show the speed and efficiency, with which I can navigate my library and propagate my play queue, using a good, old-fashioned column browser, versus whatever other nonsense, “reinvent the wheel”, “fix everything that isn’t broken” approach @Antoine and @Damien seem to advocate, I would. You would note about a tenfold increase in the time it takes to accomplish simple tasks, without a column browser.

Sorry, but I’ve been using one since I started using iTunes in 2003. To ditch it now, in favor of some Fisher-Price, millennial catnip hieroglyph jumble simply makes no sense to me. Thanks, but I’ll proudly continue counting myself among the literate people of the world, who enjoy words and efficiency in their software interfaces. Simply put, if the Audirvana team really wanted to market a software to those of us with large, local libraries to manage, they would include the OPTION for users to choose to use a column browser to do so, the same way Apple, a much larger company, did, when they tried to abandon it, in 2019.

The lack of resolution to the UPnP issue, coupled with simply foisting all of those problems into yet ANOTHER deeply flawed release, just seems like another example of not seeing the forest for the trees, on the part of this company.

Thank you for answering my questions.

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Can you please send a screenshot of the issue to [email protected]?

This product have been here since a month in Japan and the volume of support mail I had was not what you think. So no, releasing a product on Friday was a choice. There may be some issue related to users and we are working on it.

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Absolutely your choice sir, glad to see you on duty. Have a good weekend and Easter Sunday.

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