New Folders View

Congratulations for this great idea. It is a wonderful addition to Audirvana. I woild make a small suggestion. The icon that is used to make the Folders View appear, and then turns blue, should also make it disappear.
Something else to consider: Instead of the “Title” of each music file, you should have the actual name of the file, which I think is more in keeping with the spirit of the folders view. This is how the order of the files is arranged in the finder, while the track “Title” is often something not taken into account and I am not sure who writes that. While on this subject, I think that Audirvana should follow the system (for MacOS anyway) of ordering numbers, which should be
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
rather than
1 10 2 3 4 % 6 7 8 9
Tracks are often numbered without a 0 in front of single digits and the order of tracks if particularly importand in a music app.

I agree, that was my first thought yesterday.

I also noticed some slowness when selecting the folders. The folder is opened but it takes a while to highlight it.

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I agree with you about the icon. It should work both ways.
I would like to have a choice about displaying though. My preference would be to have it displayed on title (as it is now) because I like the meta data organization in my music library.

By the way: can’t you give a sort order on file name already? Also if you put the window (right to the treeview) in listview mode, you can already add a file name column and move that to the first position. Doesn’t that basically do what you want?

I use Windows, and the standard sort order in the windows file explorer is 1, 10, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, because that is basically the correct sorting on alphabet. I don’t know how the Mac does it in finder, but
if the Audirvana treeview should show it on file sort order, shouldn’t it do it the same way as the OS does to be consequent? I personnally don’t have that problem because I have named all my music files starting with 01, 02 etc.

In short:
It seems that I disagree with you, but I basically don’t, because I’d like to have those options as well. I only think we should have a choice if this is built in :grinning:

Below I have added the file location to the treeview to show what I mean:

You can sort that column by clicking on the title bar.
Also if you set the general sort order to ‘Audio file location’ it will do this by default.
Isn’t that like what you want?

I must admit: The general ‘sort order’ above does it not only for the treeview, but also for the album view. So maybe a separate sort setting for the treeview would be nice.

In general I really like the treeview in Audirvana as it is now. It maybe needs some small tweaks, but they are certainly not dealbreakers to me. As is stands now it is certainly very usable.

Thank you for all these ideas. I found a way around this by sorting by track number, but the file location option is also a good one. I already use this to sort the tracks in general. But that didn’t seem to apply to the folder view, unless one does what you suggest with the audio file location column. So I guess it is ok as it is.

As to the number sorting, I suppose that the Mac finder treats the numbers as numbers and not as letters for sorting. But I am not sure how they do it. In truth, I have already changed my track numbers to 01, 02 etc. But I do like the mac way of handling numbers in general.

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Newbie here and dumb question, can’t find the folder view button at the remote app, I use an iPad. Audivrana Windows. At windows I can find the folder view button. Thanks!