New Licensed user: Audirvana is Awesome - Sorting?

I find that for and Audiophile; Audirvana is almost perfect out-of-the-box after tailoring to my system; Sound quality is 1st class. I have no major issues.

The only feature that I can not seem to get to work is Year Sorting. Once in an artist group I would like to be able to sort by year descending. I have tried various sorting option but still sorts albums by Title; rather than by year,

Otherwise perfect IMHO.

Hello @Xarwyyn,

You would like to be able to sort the album of an artist in year instead of alphabetical order?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes. Year of album descending. I tried moving YEAR up to the top of the sort order, but still sorts alphabetically by album descending.


When you sort Album you are not also sorting the albums in the artist page, it’s only for the view with all of the Album displayed. We will change it in a future update of Audirvana.

Thank you for your reply!

Look forward to the update.

Once again, great program for my digital library.


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