New to Audirvana

I’ve used iTunes since it was first offered and would appreciate advice on moving to Audirvana. After reading about duplicate files, I don’t want to go there if I can avoid it.

Should I abandon iTunes and start fresh building the library in Audirvana? Is that the safer way to approach this? I feel iTunes has become a really poor stepchild at Apple and is just trying to cover too many areas to be an effective audio tool anymore. I’m wondering if the transitioning of favorites to Audirvana might be easier if I don’t ask it to work with iTunes at all.

I also use Tidal. Are there any special thoughts or suggestions incorporating that with Audirvana?



Don’t think, forget iTunes.

don’t tell Audirvana that your music is in iTunes folder.

Create a folder somewhere put your music files or folders in and tell audirvana in method 1 where is your music folder to sinc automatically.

Then adjust tags that didn’t follow😀

Thanks RunHomeSlow. I can tell you’re not on the fence with this decision. When you say, adjust gage that didn’t follow. That doesn’t appear to be an iTunes phrase. What does that mean in Audirvana speak?

Darn typos, “adjust Tags…”

it just means, when you quit iTunes for good, and go Audirvana only… you will surely have albums that their tags will not follow or covers not appearing in Audirvana… maybe many, maybe none…

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