New to uPnP - can I use it to play my music remotely?

Would love to have my music library available remotely. Currently I kinda-use Plex for that but it’s not very good.
Can I use Audirvana + uPnP protocol to play the music remotely?
If so any directions posted anywhere on how to do that?
What end listening-devices are supported? (Could I use my iphone for example)?


Unfortunately there is not an easy answer. Have a look at the topic “Issues with A+ UPnP functionality”.

A+ is said to support DLNA/UPnP, but many DACs have significant issues with serious bugs in that support. Note that the A+ DLNA web page describes only four vendors as “partners”, which I assume means that A+ works with least one of their products. I have not seen any list of supported products.

It does not work well with my PS Audio Directstream, which works fine with other DLNA music software.

At this point I wouldn’t purchase A+ for UPnP use unless someone could tell me for sure that it works with my exact target equipment.

I don’t know if it is DACs so much as different streamer implementations that may have problems. I’ve taken an ordinary mini-PC, installed Linux, and used it with a couple of standard Linux programs to stream to my DAC. Since Linux has USB Audio 2.0 drivers built in, this should work with most USB DACs.

From the name, do I assume correctly your DAC incorporates a streamer and DAC in one piece of equipment?

I second this. I’ve upgraded from A+ v1.x just for this functionality. Sadly its UPnP behaviour is unpredictable.

I’m not optimistic about it’s being fixed soon either as, I understand, the developer is of the opinion that some companies do not implement UPnP API correctly (in my case Yamaha).

“the developer is of the opinion that some companies do not implement UPnP API correctly”

This is correct. The question then is whether the company is willing to discuss its implementation. I don’t know this for a fact, but I would suppose a large company like Yamaha might be less disposed to do this.

However, you should check whether it’s indeed the implementation or if you can get it to work with some help (regarding networks, for example).

Everything else works fine. JRiver has no issues streaming, Yamaha (A3060 used as the transport and DAC) has no issues finding and playing from other UPnP servers on my LAN (Serviio, Plex, MinimServer). I’m using the same laptop (Macbook Pro) for streaming so no network setting changes here.

The reason I wanted to use A+ was to experiment with Up/Over Sampled tracks. Others cannot do this effectively over UPnP. It’s a pity as A+ is the best sounding player that I have.

So not the network. You can find the “everything else works fine” situation in metadata also, where other folks have gone along with iTunes’ mangling of the standards, while Damien and some others adhere to them.

So, if I understood correctly, everyone else found a work-around to these “non-standard” issues (as their implementation works) but Damien is waiting for Yamaha (and probably some others) to address them. In other words, it looks like there is no possibility that I expect a stable UPnP working in A+.

Thanks for clarifying.

If you define “everyone else” as people who spent less or no time on the sound quality you enjoy, yes. :slight_smile:

UPnP/DLNA is a bit of a mess as a standard, but one thing we ought to have a right to expect is that equipment and software will at least work with standards-compliant implementations like A+. Unfortunately even this minimal adherence to the standard is too much to expect from some manufacturers, including apparently Yamaha.

Some software makers have gone so far as to develop their own protocols separate from UPnP/DLNA, but it restricts hardware to a much smaller choice, and even this doesn’t guarantee working without problems.

So it’s a large issue,and either Damien can spend more of his time chasing it down, or he can spend more time on things like the Windows version and remote, actual bugs in A+ itself, and above all getting the sound right.

This isn’t at all to say you are wrong to feel the way you do. If my favorite player didn’t work with my hardware, I would not be happy either.

I’ve quit using A+ in favor of BubbleUPnP, which is quite reliable and sounds excellent.

I’m using A+ with UPNP streaming to a RasPI running Volumio. Works fine and sounds perfect.
RasPi 2 + HifiBerry Digi+ T+A Dac 8 DSD

Apparently only a few vendors agree with Audirvana’s position, as there are only four manufacturers listed as “compatible” with the A+ unique implementation.

Latest Naim streamers seem to have a problem with Upnp. I have recently purchased a Naim NDX2 and Audirvana does not recognise this as Upnp device - unlike my earlier Naim streamers.

Consider getting Audirvana 3.5. Wondering if it can actually play music from a minimserver on the network? Thanks!

Audirvana can’t access UPnP server. For that you need Control Point software. Audirvana is not that.

JRiver can do that as well as some mobile apps.

Oh thanks for the quick reply! No wonder I couldn’t find info on it anyway. It would be perfect if it can! I guess I can just mount a network drive and use it that way. Did use Audirvana when it first came out. Using 8player iOS to play music from minimserver to an externally DAC even for DSD currently.

Audirvana allows only uPnP/DLNA renderer option. Not Server/Client capability.

I’m actually surprised Audirvana did not include DLNA client option when Damien decided to implement library functionality. There are a number of stable and light-weight DLNA servers out there (such as Minim) which allows an easy library access.

Given so far many of the complains about Audirvana have been about library issues it’s a no-brainer to me to include it as an additional/fall-back option.

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I’d love this as well now that I have installed Minim server and Asset UPnP on my Synology NAS. This would avoid mounting the shared directory on macOS first before running Audirvana (and access might be quicker).

Fir that you need something called control point software. Audirvana is not that. It can just stream to UPnP renderer.

Is there any clear written tutorial on how to use A+ with UPNP/DLNA?