New user - Can't import iTunes playlists singly or as a group

Dedicated Mac Mini 2018 3.2Gh 6core i7 only for my audio system
Mac Os Catalina 10.15.2, 32g memory
iTunes library on 2G external SDD drive
Mac only runs software
Hugo TT2 Dac over USB

I’m testing out the free trial

What method do you guys use to import iTunes playlists. Can I import them all at once? Only seem to be able to singly, but then this doesn’t work.

Unable to simply import all the smart playlists from iTunes. I have over 3000 jazz Cds categories by trumpet player. All playlists search album, artist, album artist, and name fields for given player. I have over 100 smart playlists.
Tried import playlists from iTunes using the popup when clicking on the + sign next to playlists in audirvana. When I use import, it cannot find a file that it will allow to import. Even if I take the time to export a playlist from iTunes to desktop, Audirvana will not import it. This is deal breaker. Need to be able to use the playlists from app.

I tried Smart playlist creation in Audirvana, which is much more cumbersome and Doesn’t recognize half album covers in the album list. ( if I just use the search function on phone app, album covers are all there) ???


According to web search, the playlist data is on the “iTunes Library.itl” file in the iTunes folder.

This is greyed out and will not let me import when I choose import playlist(s) from Audirvana !!

Hello @DrJazz56, when you exported your playlist, which format did you choose?

Hi Damien
Thanks for reply
I exported how it was set as Unicode txt.
No That I go back, I see a dropdown that lets me choose …

Plain Text
Unicode Text

Which do I choose ?? Thanks

Thanks - I was able to get a single playlist to import as a M3U file.
Is there a way to do all at once ? I nearly have a couple hundred

Click the first then hold shift and click last in the open window

that’s doesn’t seem to work on mac to highlight all playlists in iTunes, so I can create all files at once. I tried command, option, control. none work

Do you mean once I have made all the MSU files, that Audirvana will let me import them all at once ?

Is there anyway to create all the files at once from itunes ?

Yes for importing them

THANKS!! — they did import at once
cut half the time out

Thanks Again