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Good morning everybody!

Just yesterday I started trying out Audirvãna Origin. Installation went smooth and I could start listening to my music library after just a short time. I like it so far, and I am sure I haven’t discovered everything yet.

I am struggeling with one thing though. When I open an artist’s section, all albums are listet new to old and I would very much like to change it to old to new. But when I open the sorting dialogue, I can not add a sorting criteria or alter the sorting in any way. There is an information window about the sorting feature, so I am in the right place. I don’t think I have missed anything. Should I propably re-install the program?

Edit: I am a Mac user (MacBook Air M2)

Thanks for help!

Still to now, it can’t be done :disappointed:

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If you click the folder just right of the library menu (folder tree view) and go that that artist, view that artist albums with albums icon, there you can apply your filters and see the order first to last. Click save for all after :grinning:

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Thanks for that idea! The folder view was new to me (not the only discovery today).

My album folders already have their year in the name, so to me ther’s no need for sorting them via the sorting dialogue. Unfortunatelly sorting the albums here does not effect the more pleasant album view… But it works as a workaround when I want to play all of an artist’s albums starting with the oldest one.

As the sorting function already is there, I wonder why it is not implemented in the album view section. From what I’ve read in this forum, I am not the only one who would like to sort their albums other than from new to old…

the Albums view menu CAN be sorted by first to last…
The Artist menu clicking on an Artist to see their albums can’t be change to first to last…
See the Beatles for example in my Library Albums view and in the Artist view.

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You are spending too much time in front of the computer :smile:

Thanks again for that idea. I’ll check it out, when I’m back home. It looks nicer than the folder view and I’m curious if it’s possible to play all albums of an artist.

:ok_hand: :+1: :clap:

That’s a nice option, but unfortunatelly it again is not possible to play all the albums with one click.

I guess I just have to use the folder view until the developers find some time to implement the sorting function to the artist’s album section.

But thanks a lot for looking into it! :+1: