New version of Remote fails

I recently upgraded my Audirvana Remote app. It does not work properly and I can’t figure out what to do about it. I would very much like to go back to the last version.

I use it to run a monitorless Mac Mini music server remotely. I pretty much always use Album view and then select the tracks for that album, sometimes in order but often separately. Now when I open album view, and click on an album, nothing happens. I just get the spinning ball. Very irritating!

As far as I can determine, I have the latest version of Audirvana on my server. My Mac is running OS 10.11.6. My version of Audirvana is 3.2.18

Same issue for me. I can browse only Artists or Tracks, I can see albums in Albums view but I cannot open them.

I installed the latest version of Remote hoping some of the crashes and other bugs with the old version would be fixed. Then I found out that the upgrade in the Apple App Store is designed for the 3 series of Audirvana, which I didn’t even realize existed because they don’t seem to notify license holders when new versions come out. So I got the latest, and now Remote is way worse than before. Album art doesn’t appear in the Album view. I Artist view, some art appears but many albums and artists only appear as a blank space with “Artist Name” below it!
Another problem: Dark Mode can be turned off (in my opinion, it’s too dark and makes reading text very fatiguing) but some text in the app is white, so if you go the opposite of Dark, you can’t read some of the links! Please offer a gray background of some sort and fix this stuff before you release an “upgrade.”

I’m going to go back to the series 2 version of Audirvana even though I just paid to upgrade. I wish I could go back to an older version of Remote also!

I’ve been using Remote with Audirvana for a number of years. It has always been a bit buggy. I just downloaded the latest Audirvana version and the latest Remote version, hoping things would get better. It hasn’t been easy. Now that I have some things working, I am not seeing the album art in Remote and have no idea how to fix this.

Hello @ris and @domsor ,

Thank you for your feedback. First of all you can update your Audirvana 3.2 for 3.5 using this link :

I think your issue are related to the older version 3 of Audirvana, can you update and then check if you still have those issues?

I did that. At first I still had problems. I was so frustrated that I didn’t think to take notes, so I can’t help with details. It’s all kind of a blur a day later. Eventually, without doing anything, both Audirvana 3.5 and Remote started to work properly.
At this point, I still miss a few small features from older versions. In Remote, it was nice to see the alphabet column along the right side of the album art grid and to see the music categories separated a bit with each one headed by text denoting it. Some of the other features still present are now a bit hard to figure out, but I’ll probably get used to that.
I also strongly suggest sending out update notifications via email that list new features and mention version compatibility as well as whether the upgrade is free or not. One app I’ve used for years that does a very good job with this is Carbon Copy Cloner (drive backup software). I had no idea that there were new versions of Audirvana beyond what I was using. I only found out when I hit the “update all” button in Apple’s App Store and found out that way that my Remote version wouldn’t work properly once updated. I would have liked to have known about this issue beforehand.

I intalled the new version of remote app with last version of audirvana, and I found a bug: when in play queue, I prune queue, the app crashes. Also if I re open the app and I get the play queue where now there is the only track that I was playing the app crashes. The problem there is also for the upgrade of this morning.

Can you verify?
I’m very pleased with audirvana and its remote app.


I have the same issue - trying to prune the play queue crashes the latest version of the Audirvana Remote App. Deleting entries works fine.

Other than that, the new version brings a number of good improvements.