Newest Version of Audirvana Remote?

Is the newest version (with tablet mode) of Audirvana Remote App Up On The Google Play Store btw ? I’m not seeing an update available ?

Audirvana 3.5.50, MBP, Samsung Android

Hello @JamesSon,

The tablet mode remote update will not be for the 3.5 version, it will only be available for Audirvāna Studio or Audirvāna Origin. We will start the beta test of the Android version of the tablet mode of Remote soon. If you want to try Audirvāna Studio or Audirvāna Origin with it, please let me know and send me a google mail in a private message so I can add you to the list of beta testers.

@Antoine I’m good with for 3.5 that I paid for. I demoed Studio but did not see or hear a large reason to spend again. Merci