No gapless music streaming -> Oppo 203

Hi everybody. I have Qobuz Sublime and use Studio 1.14.0 on MacOs 10.15.7. I stream with Wifi on my Oppo 203. How can I have a gapeless music? It’s very disturbing f. e. on American Serenade, Kolly d’Alba, Warner 2012.

Tx for your help.

Hate to tell you but my 205 has never been able to do gapless over UPNP Ethernet also, usb yes but Ethernet :-1:. Im trying Studio 2.0 beta and that’s the second thing I tested and still a no go.

Many thanks. Sad to read this…

@Lavocat , hi there. Big update for you. Getting into the beta 2.0 test there’s a new switch for “Universal Gapless Playback Mode” so far so good. More testing to do. I will have to check out the recordings you mentioned.

Look on the forum main page and see if the beta version announcement is there for you.

Additional info: The American Serenade album playback is great now :+1:t2:


beta 2.0 will be release in mid-october around… :wink:
i said around… before or later it means… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the official info RHS, I suppose he could email @Antoine to see if he could help test? His device and playback need’s are quite well suited to the new improvements. Might be helpful?

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Tried the beta version. Stil not gapless. Maybe I’ll try a PM to Antoine…

PS: I also have an Panasonic 820 player. Maybe it could be better?

You have enabled both the gapless and raw pcm switches in the DAC settings?
I’m having pretty good luck with both Ethernet on a mini and Wi-Fi with MacBook Pro M1pro.

What’s your buffer size, using no upsample?

I have no good option on the Panasonic, I know that the 205 is more audio centric equipped than the 203, nothing to lose by testing it out I always say.

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Oups sorry. Never was in the DAC settings, except for sampling rate. I have to check this.

PS: I now see I had an answer from Audirvana support: aller dans les paramètres audio de votre appareil et sélectionner l’option mode de lecture gapless universel ?


Gapless option was invisible. The all sentence was written in black on my screen, Activated, I’ll try now…

Well it’s pretty cool! It works… I just tried with Kolly d’Alba. Bach Alpensymphonie, and also with some organ pieces, Bach Toccata & fugue… Nice!

However another improvement: v. 1.99 find my Oppo every time! It was only 50% with the old version.

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