No iPad landscape mode for 3.5 Remote

I’ve just downloaded the app after getting an email today saying landscape mode on the remote app is finally available. I open the app, my screen turns around for a second and then it gets stuck in portrait mode. No matter what I do, the app stays like this.
Anybody having the same issues? Any fixes?


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I haven’t had any issue. Working extremely well.

Just a thought and you may have already tried it, but close the remote, put your iPad into landscape mode and lock it in landscape mode. Then open the Audirvāna Remote.

Good luck with getting it working.


Mine locks in Landscape and won’t go portrait :hot_face:

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I too am stuck since the update: I can only use portrait mode - I want and much prefer to use landscape. Please return that feature!!


The same here.
Please restore!

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I also can’t use landscape mode! iPad 5 th Gen. OS 16.2🥺
Audirvana 3.5…

The strange thing is that the Audirvana remote application does not exist even if you have downloaded and running it…

The Audirvána remote 4.0 cannot display a horizontal image on the iPad. What should I do?

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Same here…… Landscape only :open_mouth:

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Hi Everyone,

The landscape mode is only for the Audirvāna Studio/Origin version of the Remote, you won’t get it for the 3.5 version.


I always used landscape mode on Ipad 5Th and Audirvana 3.5 since before Origin/Studio version came out, only after upgrading Ipad to 16 iOs started problems in Audirvana Remote​:weary::smirk:

I thought I’d go back to iOS 15 on the iPad and see if landscape view works again… Of course I also tried activating the rotation lock.

There was a landscape mode in the 3.5 version.
Only since the update of the Audirvana Remote App is it no longer available.
Give version 3.5 users back what they paid for!
Or should we be more or less forced to switch to Studio / Orgin? :angry:

This is also the case with me, so far 3.5 horizontal has been good. Why can’t the studio and 3.5 be chosen separately? Why do you do this to loyal listeners?

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The code we use for the Audirvāna Remote for Audirvāna Studio/Origin may have a parameter in common for locking the landscape/portrait mode.

In the case of the 3.5 version, I will need to ask our developer about it before giving you more information.

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I’ve used Landscape mode for years with 3.5 and earlier versions. Not until the recent Remote update have I been forced into Portrait mode. I use an iPad Pro v. 3, and iOS 15.7. This feels like users such as me are being forced out of using our versions of Audirvāna. I hope this is not the case, but rather just poor implementation of the update. Please fix this!


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Is it possible to go back to version 3.2.1 of Audirvana Remote?

Dear Antoine,

let me add a few comments regarding your communication on the issue. I hope You won’t delete my post, because deleting it would only prove I’m right.

  1. First of all, three’s no such thing as separate 3.5 Remote, I double-checked it, and there’s only one version of the Remote in the App Store, which is supposed to work with both 3.5 and Studio/Origin.

  2. it just WORKED FINE with 3.5 - until the last update (that came on mid 12/2022). There WAS landscape view on iPads, even with iPadOS 16

  3. IF this was deliberate, with the purpose of pushing the 3.5 users towards using Studio/Origin instead - which I truly hope it isn’t - then this easily would be one of best example of a very bad business conduct, that may fire back. You aren’t that “big” to afford such business conduct, and there is competition, should I name them?

  4. Don’t forget, we 3.5 users have paid for the “lifetime” licence, and our payments have helped you to become what You are now. We don’t expect new features for the price of the 3.5 lifetime, but we DO expect you not to take away things that already worked. Whatever you might expect from it, letting us down can just have the opposite effect: even if I had paying for the Studio in my mind, how could I trust you won’t let me down in the future? What’s next? (e.g. can I trust anymore you won’t stop integrating HRA which I am a longtime subscriber of?). It’s a matter of psychology and trust…

I HOPE this is just a hiccup and you will fix the landscape issue, and not force us (former) 3.5 users to switch to a competing product of another company, with a very bad taste in our mouths.

Yours sincerely,
Attila Szabó


Educate me please somebody! What is the definition of a “Lifetime” license? Is it my period of grace on this planet, or the length of time the software will work with the foreseen hardware? Whatever, we and software all will “die” one day, the next generation will slowly forget us and that is how life is as l understand it!
One day AS & AO will also be obsolete, like cobbles, blacksmiths, tea clippers and all our gadgets, and l for one won’t be sad about it, the next generation won’t either, we’ll move on. We buy expensive cars, knowing that one day it’ll be scrap metal! Why is our expectation with software so much higher :open_mouth:? The investment many of us made back in the day with the original Audirvana software has long paid for itself with years of listening pleasure, for me AS and the new remote, are a positive step forward! Otherwise, l’m free to change to something else, without threats and grievances, lessen learned :blush:. It’s simple :relaxed:.

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Hi @Aszpirin,

I never said there is two Remote app. I said their is a 3.5 version and Audirvāna Studio/Origin version of the Remote but everything is in the app. Nothing is deliberate. We won’t remove such feature in the app, it won’t make any sense to do it.

Sorry that you didn’t understand what I meant in my previous post, it’s a bug, not something we removed from the app on purpose. I already asked our developer about it and I’m waiting a reply from him.

The landscape mode for 3.5 will be back in the next update of the Remote.