No linear notes imported from iTunes data base

I use to add linear notes (pdf format) for every CD that I import in iTunes data base (with Catalina OS now is changed in Music).
In the past Audirvana imported these notes in its data base without any problem as it does with Flac music downloaded from HDTracks.
Recently, with the latest Audirvana updates, I can’t see any more notes from iTunes database while the ones from HDtracks are always available.
The problem occur with both Music Library synchronization methods. The pdf booklet files are saved under the same label of the related CD songs files.
I have a recent iMac desktop with OS Catalina 10.15. 6, 40 GB Ram and 2 TB internal SSD and Audirvana is updated to 3.5.38.

I solved the problem.
I used to synchronize iTunes data base with the second method of Music library sync and linear notes were not been imported.
I resynchronize iTunes Music by means of the first method and all the digital booklet have been reported in Audirvana.
I don’t know if this behaviour is a bug or is expected.
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