No Metadata MacOS

So when I click on an album and select View → Metadata I get the BASIC album info. No metadata just the album info window. If I hit the Edit Metadata I get the same basic info. If I leave the Basic info window open and hit Settings, I get the full Metadata window but it is not populated (it didn’t pass the album info). Broke, Broke. Broke.

Please fix this ASAP

not sure to fully understand… when you click an album and show info panel you get album meta data, after if you select all songs in that album you have tracks meta data or select just one song and edit just that one…

Hi @cjjeeper

If all tracks are selected then Metadata window opened they will appear blank if each song has different data.

Click on each track to see that songs data.

The Album metadata is different set of data (although often repeated from track data where appropriate.