No Tidal albums displaying on Audirvana Remote!

I have a trial version of Audirvana 3.5.30 and have bought the remote to check how it works. Unfortunately I don’t see any of my Tidal albums or playlists on the Tidal Home page of the remote on iOS. Does anyone have a similar experience or an idea how to get it working?

Hello @Jon_Bawn, have you connected your Tidal account in Audirvana beforehand?

Hi Damian,
Thanks for your reply. I had connected the Tidal account but was looking under the Tidal menu in Home rather than in Favourites. Now I see the albums and the remote works pretty much as expected. Only the Tidal Tracks and Artists tabs display nothing, but can definitely live without that as long as the albums are there. Cheers for the support.

Which version of Audirvana Remote do you have?