No Windows 10 download available

Hi, it looks that there is no Audirvana Windows download possible. Download does not start, chrome shows error 404, file not found.

Interesting comments received from the Audirvana Support Team regarding this issue:

  1. To install and update Audirvana on Windows 10 you need an app called App-Installer, this app is installed by default when you are using Windows 10 1803. If you don’t have it you can install it for free from the Microsoft Store or with this link: - this was already installed

and then, as a user with a full licence, something that makes me upset

  1. Hello, Thank you for the information, I could see that you already tried Audirvana in June and July.
    Please note that it will be the last trial version that will be provided to you.
    Best Regards,
    Audirvana Support Team

After this, no furhter support received! This is Unbelievable!
For me this way of dealing with a customer customer, looks like, how do I get rid of a customer.

It is not clear if you bought the full licence or not … yet

You’re on your third trial. I wonder why are you surprised?

Which release of Windows do you use?

I am not on a third trial, it was always a full installion with real serial number. (some technical windows issues, with asio drivers etc.). - my understanding is, that I need to download the trial first and then entering the serial number.
I am using audirvana since 2014. Started with Mac and now using Windows. With the right setup Audirvana sounds fantastic under Windows.
But I am not willing to go through such a procedure when re-installing a system (what I am currently doing).
It looks, that Audirvana it no longer my Software package, as they are not interested in their paying customers.

AFAIK that is the standard process, what is the issue with this process?
It’s the same on Mac …

The procedure on Windows is dictated by how the installer works. Audirvana uses the Windows Store installer.

This is more a misunderstanding. They assumed you want to do another trial and they granted it to you even though they thought it’s your third trial. I would say that this shows their commitment to new customers.

Hello @mleiwesmeier, I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding that occurred during your exchange with us. Do you still experience an issue to install Audirvana?

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