Not connecting to UltraRendu - network issue?

As the thread title suggests, Audirvana cannot connect to my Ultrarendu. Per the FAQ section of the website, there should not be a router between, the Mac and the UltraRendu. If that is the case, I don’t understand how Here is my network setup:

MacMini > router > MOCA ethernet converter > UltraRendu > DAC.

The Mac is on the third floor while my Rendu is on the first floor with the rest of my system. I am not an expert on networking so am unclear on how it is going to be possible to use the UltraRendu with Audirvana. Are there any suggestions on how to make this work?

I do use VNC Viewer to navigate on the Mac. Could this be getting in the way of A+ recognizing the UltraRendu?

Hello @Ellsworth, you need the reconfigure your UltraRendu since this issue could appear in some case.

Thanks for your comment. Are there any suggestions for how to reconfigure the Rendu? I use the MOCA Ethernet converter to get a hard wired connection and don’t have many alternatives.