Numer of files different than storage drive

My music storage drive shows 7,561 folders / 101,475 files. Audirvana shows only 5,225 files / 96,314 files. I have run ‘check database integrity’ ‘rebuild the indexes’ and ‘recompute sort keyes’. No change. I have not run ‘complete defragmentation of the database’ because I’m concerned it may mess up my drive. Any suggestions? HELP!

You’ll need to find some discrepancies and work from there.

Thanks…LOL…but that would take days and days of searching and comparing. I tried a few random spot checks and then gave up after two hours. There must be another solution.

You have covers in those folders that Audirvana don’t count as files?

I have jriver also and got the same number of tracks as in Audirvana, but different numbers of albums, just because jriver don’t count same albums name as different!! But if i add those manually, they are equal, so check with another database to check, iTunes maybe, jriver is free to try also if i remember?

I believe Audirvana only counts music files and folders with music in it.

If jou have other files (jpg, pdf, txt etc) they are not counted.