Off line status files not correct

Many files are in off line status, while they are playing.
It seems to me there is a connection between chosing random playing and the off line status.
Don’t know how but when I delete a map and add it again I have the same problem.

Hello @Marten_Fokkens,

Can you try to delete your Audirvana database? To find it using the Finder:

  1.  Open its Go menu
  2.  Pressing the option (or alt) key, and maintain it pressed. This reveals the Library command in this Go menu.
  3.  Click on this Library command
  4.  In the Finder window that opens, navigate into Application Support, then Audirvana
  5.  You’ll find there the file AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite (This is the one for Audirvana 3.5, the other is for the older version 3).

Special Warning : When you delete the file AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite, you will lose all the Playlists you created in Audirvana. However, you can back-up all those Playlists by exporting them before deleting the database file.

Hello Damian, I think the remedie is worser than the illness. When I delete my music database I have to wait a couple of days before I have a new database. All files are playing now, the only thing is that some files have an off line status. I don’t understand why you built this option in the program. I don’t need it. Maybe you can delete it?

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