One Mac w/ both Studio and Origin?


I am a new subscriber to Studio which I use with Qobuz. I also use local files extensively and to be honest, I don’t like how local file lists are blended with Qobuz in Studio.

Is it possible to license/buy both Studio and Origin on the same macOS machine? I am concerned that the two will interfere with each other (I work in software, I can imagine there may be shared libraries or logs or other configuration files that will get mixed up by the two versions.)

Would you instead recommend running the two versions of Audirvana on separate Macs?


I’m not sure about 2 different AS versions working together on the same system. I know from experience that Studio works fine with the old 3.5 version, since they are completely separated from each other. And each has its own library. If Studio and Origin are also separated from each other like that, then it should work. Antoine should be able to tell if it works. He’s in the office on weekdays Paris time.

Personally I have no issues with keeping Qobuz and local music apart. Its easy to tell which is which. Qobuz music has the Qobuz logo next to them (the record icon), while local files have a house icon next to them.

Besides. If you are looking for music, you can also do this.

By clicking on the magnifying glass next to each group in the left menu (Podcast, Radio, Qobuz, Local) you can deselect search options.

So on screenshot nr 1 if I search for Jarre, Studio will show me everything. But by deselecting Podcasts, Radio and Qobuz. It will only show local files and tracks that I have favorited on Qobuz.

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Why would you want Studio and Origin on the same system? Audirvana Studio is a superset of Origin.

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I guess I am still getting used to keeping my worlds sorted on Audirvana. I highly prefer listening to my local files (let’s not get into audiophile stuff), and I couldn’t find an album with incorrect metadata. I think that is the source of my angst here. I fixed that and will revisit all this again.

Glad I asked however as I learned something, thank you @bitracer and @sandsOfArrakis . The mag glass icon filter will help a lot!


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