Only two folders synced!

Hi to everybody! I am a rather new user of Audirvana for Windows, since I reinstalled my windows 10 pro 64 I had not have issues with the software, on contrary, I was quite happy, but now I cannot add all my music files locations to Audirvana database. I’ll try to explain my self, first I added the folder H:\MUSICA and Audirvana automatically added the subfolders \FLAC, \FLAC HD and \DSD. Same work for I:\MUSICA, the sw recursively added all the subfolders. Then I executed the very same operation for the last folder, with same subfolders organization… and nothing happened, it’s like Audirvana accepted only to folders and nothing else… I tried to move the database location from C to another SSD… nothing. I must add that all my music is on external HDD but never had issues about that, e.g. Roon and Audirvana pre-reinstallation work fine with that… I am sorry for this long thread but I really dont know how to go on… I searched here but nothing seems fit my problem. Thank you!