Origin album display order (issues/suggestions)


I’m trialing Origin and like it so far. Will almost certainly buy a license. A couple of issues though with how albums are displayed.

  1. I tag my files with the release date in the “year” tag + an “albumsort” tag to sort different releases of the same album in chronological order. In “album view” under “local library” everything is perfectly in order, with Origin sorting the albums in Artist/album release year/version release year order.

Under the “artist” view though, Origin displays the albums from newest to oldest album, with no apparent way to change between ascending/descending order. Pressing the “small arrows icon” only gives me the message that there are no parameters to change in this view. This I don’t like, especially since Origin still displays different versions of the same album in the order of oldest to newest, based on the albumssort tag I guess.

This was not an issue in 3.5. So, is an option to change the album display order under the artist view between chronologically ascending/descending in the pipeline? As it is it seems like a borderline bug that the option to change between these isn’t there.

  1. Some albums come with the music in different formats, such as hybrid SACDs and CD/DVD-A boxsets. When I rip these I tag them to be part of the same album with only the disc number differing. I put the hi-res files in one folder and the redbook files in another. Other players display the files (all discs) as one album (which I prefer) while Audirvana displays them as two albums (redbook discs/other format discs as separate albums). This “problem” carries over from 3.5. Is there a setting somewhere that solves this or do you have any plans to fix it?

I take the opportunity to ask where Origin stores the artist art picture (the picture used in the artist view).

Thanks! My money will be with you soon.:slight_smile: