Origin display

Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 13.07.00
Did I read somewhere that this information ( DAC = ) shows the device maximum? And doesn’t change according to settings in Audirvana?

oh, and happy new year all…

Happy new year to you too!

It shows the maximum bitrate your DAC is capable of (in this case 32).
The sampling frequency changes according to your output settings in Audirvana. For instance if you upsample everything to 382 Khz it will always show an output of 382 Khz. If you do not upsample it will change to (and show) the sample rate of the source file you are playing (44.1 Khz, 96000 Khz. etc. etc.).

Ok, thanks. So, when I play DSD64 it shows DSD64

Yep. If I am upsampling everything to DSD 256 it shows the following:


If I disable upsampling and I play a CD quality file (via ASIO on Windows) it shows:


I don’t know how this behaves on a Mac, because I don’t have one :wink:

All makes sense now…
I’ve only just started going deeper into Origin, as a couple of days ago I thought it had all gone weird… But, user error as usual!