Origin has potential but needs some things

Well i buy the origin and i want to pont some features missing and needs vital improvement…

First is the startup view, you need totaly to add artists… its so anoying to select it everytime single time we open the app.

Second an option to hide the left section to maximize the view.

Trird add an second option to make the miniplayer well… MINI.

Fourth please remove the message at startup that says running at admin mode.

Fifth the splash screen isnt needed and add loading time i think or the app is loading slow.

Sixth at track view we can have an ability for the tracks to showed up like the photo i upload in both sides for easy and fast change without unnecesery scrolling for example track title view in both sides…

sorry for that but its so important to me hope to others too…
used origin about 3 days now till get my support for refund all the bug all the glitches i found needed to never be there in the release of version 2.0 cant even imagine how noone show those issues before…


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Hi @JohnnyFire

For me that is quite the opposite. I listen to classical “albums” at all times. Well, 98‰ of time.

The Choice of start up screen is a great idea. Like “albums” or “Favourites” which we now have.

Splash screen… well, I guess it’s while loading the program and better than a spinning wheel. Try using Adobe InDesign.

Hide and show left are excellent idea. Or, at least use it for sorting rather than having to open up the Edit Filters.

So it’s always a combination of preferences we are seeking, thousands of people’s different preferences.



they can add the artist its not so hard for the rest of us who needed…

im sure if thet implemented my suggestions will be more usefull and helpful to the most majority of people

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I think they are basics settings that are not thought enough…

like sorting albums artists from last to first and not offer first to last, that can’t be complicated to add since that soft exist… still we talk about it :grinning:

Why add a button show all when you can show all by default, that suggest that this was implemented from a small 13 inches screen but cannot adjust for bigger screen

Why on remote you smaller covers with left and right swipe when you have already a button to go before and after songs of the CD…

When you add at start seeing my albums after long time but not adding 3, 4, 5 more options at the same time to please more people??

Why remote is not caching or retains things you set… try albums view, scroll your library 30 albums from start, then go back to first, loading covers again (please use some of my iPhone data to store them till a change occurred), clicking time remaining on remote never stay always have to click back when returning. Why is so long connect to my macmini when it is always same ip… cache those infos.

Ok i stop here :grinning: just design things but…


i totaly get you, but im talking at the post about easy implementations that missing and keeps behind the whole expirience, plus there are manny bugs glitches ai found and totaly need to be fixed asap.

I would like to add my 5 cents. First of all - I’m 20 years in IT, so, I’ve seen dozens software. The following should be fixed/improved for not to bite competitors, just to be somewhere near by:

  1. Issue with the OneDrive at win10/11. That’s bug of this software, never met such children’s bug - soft can’t read a folder tree… Please, fix it.
  2. Sync: it MUST be improved. It must have feature to stop sync. It must do not sync for ages through wireless with 2400mb bandwidth. There should not be any workarounds to read NAS, like use the name instead of IP.
    2a. The sync SHALL not start if it is disabled, but it starts. Pls, fix it!
    2b. If some folders are added it does not sync.
  3. That’s visible issue to sync DFF files. It takes hours to sync 10 files in sum of 20 Gb DFF files.
  4. Related to 3 above issue - playing DFF files (dsd128) freezes this software up to 5 mins! it in-acceptable! Do not tell me, that my network is slow, it’s Netgear Orbi mesh wifi6 up to 2400mb wireless. And! free Foobar reads it in a few secs. That’s real fail.
  5. Mobile client - only fore remote control… Do not me wrong, it would be better to skip it at all. It does not work. IT DOES NOT WORK in the same wire network!
  6. Having different sources, I expect to differ the music rather than see all in the single place. So, I forget about my 149USD…
  7. and where is the mobile (iOS/Google) app? Folks! it must be in place. The perfect photos on the start-up splash is not enough.
    Have team the questions how to improve, ping me.
    Sincerely yours, Valery~
    P.S. The SOUND is perfect, but it’s not enough. The competitors suggest more…
    P.S.S. All posted from the other users above are absolutely valid, pls, fix all of that.
    P.S.S. Let make Audirvana the better one!
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Hi @mvnval

It’s a slippery slope when demands are made.

For one, I use (have been using for ages) Audirvana 3.5, Studio and now Origin daily, hourly actually.

Yes there are some niggles and if your hardware/software do not match perfectly it must be very frustrating. Send your niggles to support or on this forum so we can all help/contribute to improving Audirvana.

With Audirvana I’ve not found a better sound and the user interface I have am becoming accustomed to and am prepared to adapt my ways where needed to be able to utilise what is on offer.

I’m also prepared to look elsewhere if I’m not satisfied but I will do so in a respectful and friendly manner.

All best



I am just adding my 5 cents here.
You say you are 20 years in IT, but you don’t mention in what capacity. I am a developer for 40 years, but I will never use that as an argument to imply that I know more than others. You don’t know how much experience/knowledge the Audirvana developers and other forum members have, therefore automatically assuming you know more than others, seems a bit pretentious.

In the points you mention you make no disctinction between feature requests and bugs. Also putting in remarks like ‘a children’s bug’, ‘ping me if you have questions how to improve’ and your liberal use of shouty capitals do distract from the real subject at hand.

I don’t know if this is a language barrier, but your post, in my opinion, does not contribute much to having a constructive and respectful conversation how Audirvana can be improved.


my 10 cents… keep it to yourself

It’s a shame that Audirvāna didn’t offer a free trial before some people were forced into purchasing…………oh hold on…….wait


And a shame that it’s asking you for your credit card to get the trial…………oh hold on…….wait


Yes: Please add the option to hide the left section - especialy for 13" screens very needed

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Commiseration @AndyLubke

I agree with you full heartedly.

I really find it difficult to control my “basic urges to survive at any cost” when people are just rude and speak without thinking how they can possibly be offensive.

I don’t mind passion, in fact I encourage passion and commitment, but common courtesies are a sign of sophistication and advanced human superiority over the animal kingdom.

Yes I’ve gone too far. My dog has more humility in her than some humans I know. Not talking about anyone nearby, but that lovely bitch of mine has never been rude to me and never, ever lifted her middle finger to my face.

I think that’s my Million Dollars worth, for what it’s worth.


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