Origin requires online login every time

Audirvana Origin V. 2.3
MacOS 12.6.6

So I purchased Audirvana Origin, as I just wanted to manage my library installed on one Mac No streaming, sharing or other services required. Legacy 3.5 was ok for that but very outdated and buggy (e.g. sort mode).

But now I am prompted to login to my Audirvana online every time I start the Origin app, just to be able to use it locally on my computer…?? Why?? Of course I log out every time I stop using the app / close it, don’t want to remain “connected” online to any service in the background.

Surely there should be a way to incorporate the license key into the app preferences / setup to avoid this annoying online login step every time I want to use Origin?

Hello @edweb

If you logout, yes you will have to login each time you restart.

I have my Audirvana on all the time. If I turn it off, it automatically sets me up as logged in each time.

Answer: don’t log out.



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If you close Audirvana you won’t be connected to anything anymore. So there is no need to log out every time before closing Audirvana. Like @philipjohnson says: If you log out everytime, of course you have to log in every time. The simple answer is: don’t log out.

Even if you play only local files, Origin wants to contact Audirvana once in a while to:

  • check for updates
  • check your license is valid
  • also maybe to check for extra metadata (like artist info etc.), but I am not sure about that.

@ philipjohnson @ AndyLubke - thanks for your feedback :pray:

I can understand some services may require an online connection, but I fail to see why I need to remain permanently logged in, even when not using the program.

Audirvana advertises “Back to basics. Our subscription-free solution dedicated solely to your local library”…oh well, looks like just another 100 bucks down the drain…

You are confusing Audirvana login with a network log in. They are not the same. When you first set up AO or AS it requires your user and password. Audirvana checks its database and confirms you have a licence and records a device ID. If you try to install on a second computer without disconnecting the first device Audirvana will see that it has a different device ID and prompt you to “disconnect” the first device. It will then remove the device ID of the first computer and install the ID of the new one.

It is just a licence check. You are not continually connected to an Audirvana network monitoring your computer.


Exactly right.

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I should add that once you have logged in on your computer the first time you do not thereafter have to have an internet connection. It will continue to work normally but every 30 days or so it will want you to go online to do a further licence check.


Hi @edweb,

You probably get a bug some user gets with Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin.

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna settings, My Account section.

Thank you everyone for input.

I’ve given up. Just keep the money. What an absolute total waste of time this has been.

That’s a shame.

My reading of the users in this forum is that most do not find it an

absolute waste of time.

And all the advice so far given, including from @Antoine seems to be of no use.

Yes. A real shame.


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Did you actually do anything with the advice given to you, or did you just give up? It seems no one experiences that problem but you. Just posting ‘what an absolute waste of time’ is not helpfull at all for the people who are trying to help you nor for a solution to the problem.