Origin version coming, like Studio 2.0 ??

I think with Origin, people wants more tweaking of the GUI, since we have less choices to play with :slight_smile:

Like Artist library menu… cool to add the letters on the right, but click F doesn’t bring first F group in the list but bring them in the first row!! ? clicking Z doesn’t bring first Z group, but they are at the end of the lines, if you can have many lines of artist on your window screen.

When clicking pink floyd in Artist library we should have choice… first to last album, last to first album… many people wants that for long, not there yet… you have all those choices somewhere in the software but they are not everywhere to add them if WE want to see them… copy/paste albums views put that everywhere??

At last we have choice to load our Library first for viewing not our stars albums. But it should be like in v3.5… choice also for last view window… if i quit in my newest albums playlist, i could like to start there the next day… But local albums choice is WAY better then a blank screen if you don’t put stars…

Please put ALL album when you click a group… not have to click again to see all, Why adding clicks for nothing?? if you have a small screen, you scrool, if you have a large screen, you see them all…

Put all windows the same colour if you change something (background, frame…)
many window like filters or sorting views, still don’t stick where you place or get shorter when you click them again, and doesn’t stay the same size… always have to readjusted them, same as Tag editing window…

the track frequency response graph, you added expected 24/352 file but we know that, but it says it is 24/176… what does it means? that is we want to know… it was upsampled??.. we got robbed buying this song at 24/352?? put an info ? that we can learn something… i know it is a 24/352 files i can already see it at the bottom of the main window…

More to come :slight_smile:

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I get your point. It has been designed so the first item with the letter appear on your screen, it is not meant to scroll automatically so the first item with the letter appear at the top of the displayed list.

It’s not that easy and we had to prioritize things like Chromecast first. I saw posts about this on the forum and I get the request, more flexibility around the way you want to display the list of album of an artist.

We will probably add this again but can’t guarantee you if we will do this.

This is because Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin share the same code in the case of list of albums displays for an artist. I understand your point and will share your feedback with the team.

Will reproduce this and check how we can strengthen this.

please take a look at the information button so you can have more information about the result you get.


As stated here, there are know issue about this update and we are in contact with Ircam to understand what is going on.

Forgot to add my pictures before approuval :grinning:

Again, you should check this out:

Thanks i will, was posting from bed :grinning:

I got further info about this. The Audio Scan has a sample rate limitation which can’t exceed 192 khz, we need to add to the detected quality section more information on it in the update we will do next week.

Here is an example of a window that doesn’t stick…
you pull the bottom section up to see your 5 filters but the next day it is down again…

the cover picture on the bottom left bring the mini player
the little square section on the player at the right brings also the mini player…

Would be cool to click the left cover that brings the cover section of mini player
and clicking on the little square on the right brings the HD Analyzer option of the mini player :slight_smile:

In many places, my scroll bar doesn’t appear on the right side, because of the new row of letters for shortcut ? instead they are anywhere in my main window :slight_smile:

I would like the letters on the side to work EXACTLY as they already do in the iOS remote for 3.5. It should stay in the same list, in the same format, in the same sort order as the list was in. Just jump to that letter. You should be able to scroll, both ways - towards the end of the alphabet, but also back toward the start.

For instance, there are too many classical composers with ‘B’ last names (also ‘S’…). I have a LOT of Bach, a lot of Beethoven, quite a bit of Brahms and Britten and any number of outliers. Scrolling through just ‘B’ can take a while. So to get to Bruckner, for example, I will touch the letter ‘C’ and just scroll back a short way. (I get Sibelius by touching ‘T’ and going backwards, avoiding all those Schuberts, Schumanns and Shostakoviches…)

the funny thing about the scroll bar in the middle of the window,
it is still working if i drag it down with my mouse :wink:

This is on Ventura beta 7 if it helps.

It’s an issue related to the alphabetical option. We are working on it.

Mmmm, since we are no longer online with MusicBrainz
or the Biography or Discography of an artist…

Do we really need that big banner in Origin… i can easily see 12 more albums without it…
i know, not much hope for it to be removed… not easy to play with Studio, Origin, Mac, PC… :slight_smile:

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What would be the expected release date of the official version 2.0 of Origin?

My free beta subscription end October 15 …

I didn’t know it is free to test - just installed. However, if I will have more problems will switch to stable version but I think Damien will not break things that works (I don’t use upnp so for me with a regular usb dac it’s ok).

Sorry to come back with that graphic, but what does it mean again??..
everything is OK but finally not HD…
is it a feature that graphic or a plague?.. not yours Damien but in your software, but!?!
is it just because it is a mono release, can’t be HD ??

Also when my Mac Mini opens up with Audirvana in his login item, and wifi is not loaded fast enough, it tells me that i should quit the software because that graph will not be working because internet was not on… but that thing is not working like it should anyway, and why it needs to be live to check my local file in the first place?? speaking for Origin, even if on beta Studio…

Clicking a first song to play leads to have a grey rectangle showing that first selected song, but it doesn’t follow after playing the next one or just disappear… it is miss leading a bit seeing that big grey rectangle but the song playing in blue is 7 songs under…

We are currently working on this with IRCAM as there is inconsistency on the result we get on our side too. We will do an update of the beta when it will be fixed.