Origin with Windows 11

I am currently running Origin on a dedicated laptop with Windows 10. Microsoft keeps sending me offers to upgrade the computer to Windows 11. How well does Origin work with Windows 11? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to upgrading?

I use the computer for nothing else but downloading music files and sending them to my SACD player/DAC.

On my computer (NUC i5) with Windows 11 pro Origin works fine.
For Origin there are no advantages or disadvantages running on Windows 10 or Windows 11. It runs exactly the same on both.

For Windows itself: Windows 11 has some changes/improvements compared to Windows 10. The best way for you is to Google (“Windows 10 vs Windows 11”) to find out what all those changes are. Too much to mention in this thread.

I use my NUC with Windows 11 as a dedicated music computer and Windows 11 works fine.

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Well I’ve switched from Windows to macOS. I only keep a gaming laptop around which I’ve upgraded from Windows 10 to 11. I haven’t run into any program that didn’t run on 11 while it did on 10. So you’re good to go.

Before retiring my Lenovo laptop which ran on both Windows 10 and 11. Audirvana Studio ran just fine on it. Origin is basically the same, minus the streaming options. So it should run fine.

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