Phorus audiolab: what is this? (6000N)

hi guys,
qobuz + audiolab 6000N here.

using qobuz with its own windows app on a windows pc.

audiolab has a great sound but uses the PlayFi drivers; you know, it’s a bloody awful piece of software.

i’m giving a try to audirvana.
in the settings (see pic), i can connect via the “normal” DTS PLAYFI renderer or via a so called PHORUS AUDIOLAB.
if i connect via phorus audiolab, the DTS PLAYFI driver quits.

i can’t find any information about that “phorus audiolab”:

  • do you know what is it?
  • is it true that using that output port, audirvana bypasses the dts playfi driver?

thank you!

Immagine 2022-04-07 173611

I can only guess, but it could be the UPNP module.

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FYI here is the answer from audirvana’s support:

Hi Rino,

Thank you for using Audirvāna.

From the info you give us, it seems your Audiolab is compatible as well with the UPnP protocol and not only the DTS PLAYFI, since it appears in the available UPnP sources under the name Phorus Audiolab.

If you are still able to play even when the PlayFI driver quits, it means Audirvāna is able to send the music directly to your Audiolab via the UPnP protocol, which is a perfectly fine in terms of audio quality (fully Hi Res with no processing and no compression).

If you can’t play when the drivers quit, let us know, and we will dig into the issue.

I hope this helps,

Kind regards,

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