Play through a Marantz NA8005

Today I receive a Marantz NA8005 via eBay; it will be connected to a Marantz 8001 pre-amp. I use Windows 10 for my home network and have a Windows share of 6000+ MP3 files that I previously accessed via my Blusound unit that will be replaced with the NA8005.

I want to use Audirvana to be the ‘front end’ of the Marantz NA8005 to play the networked MP3 files. I am hopeful this is possible… the question becomes should I connect my network cable to my pre-amp or connect my network cable to the NA8005 to enable Audirvana to see the Marantz gear and play the MP3 files through my home stereo?

To the NA8005, of course. Does SR8001 even have the network interface port?

Good morning - thank you for replying! The 8001 pre-amp does have RJ45 Ethernet and Apple Airplay capability… I’ve had other streaming units in the past that I had to operate via an iPhone or Android phone and it was a horrifying experience (and I am being kind ). The BluSound Windows app works well, EXCEPT that I learned that it has serious issues if you plug a USB drive directly into its USB port - the autofill feature is completely broken accessing MP3 files that way. So I decided to complete my Marantz rack, bought the NA8005 online, but I already know the Marantz/HEOS app is a hot mess… and stumbled across Audirvana.

For playing MP3s, you’ll be fine.

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