Playback Error on MQA files

I am using a Dell Laptop with an Audioquest Dragonfly Black. I can launch Audirvana 3.5.5 fine and it plays FLAC fine, but when I go to play MQA I get this error:

Any assistance is appreciated.

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In the DAC settings, set it as MQA renderer.

I have a Dragonfly Cobalt and I get the same error. The DAC is set as an MQA renderer.

Same issue here:

I have the same issue with windows 10 and my Colbalt after after doing the update


We had some report about this issue and we will make an update regarding this in a update during the week.

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Hello Damien, do you have an update / fix for this issue? Thanks

Still waiting for the update

This issue has been fixed in the latest update of Audirvana

I regret to say that the problem with my dragonfly red and MQA files on Tidal persists with v3.5.8 downloaded this morning. My dragonfly red is set as the MQA renderer. I signed into Tidal as requested in the new update. I have a minidump file if you need it.

Hello @Ollie, there is actually an issue with MQA and it affect the auto-detection of MQA device in Audirvana and create this minidump. We are currently working with MQA to solve this issue.

In the meantime you then need to deactivate this option in your Audio settings in Audirvana. You will need to close and reopen Audirvana to set your DF Red as MQA Renderer in the Audio settings of Audirvana.

Hi Damien
Many thanks, that seems to have fixed the problem.

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