Playback issue With mch DSF and SACD-ISO files

I’m using a trial version of Audirvana 3.5.39 on Asus Vivomini Vm65n with Exasound e38 dac. When trying to play a multi-channel DSF or SACD-ISO file, only the main speakers are active and the center and rear speakers are silent. Audirvana seems to recognize the file format, since bottom left corner of the program window shows the file format correctly. Playback of multi-channel PCM files works properly and does sound very good indeed. Can DSD issue be fixed somehow ?

Multichannel DSD will only work over HDMI.

i tried multichannel dsd playback over hdmi via my new Denon 4700 and all i get is a hissing sound. Playback of multichannel dsd via PCM is ok though.

i just want to playback mch dsd via hdmi to work without converting to PCM