Playback: Repeat doesn't work

The repeat button doesn’t function.
It just changes the color when pressed but has no effect. It does not repeat, neither the track nor the playlist.

By the way, the position display minutes:seconds
sometimes just hangs and doesn’t go forward any more. But playback continues.

(Windows 10, Surface Go)

Greetings, Martin

Same for me no response at all

I checked this button on the Mac version. it works at the playlist level, when reaching the end of the last track of the playlist, it stats playing the top track of the playlist. Could be a bug with the Microsoft desktop app.

To be exact: The repeat button works if there are 2 or more tracks in the playlist. But if there’s only 1 track in the playlist the track is not repeated no matter if the repeat button is pressed or not.

It’s definitely sporadic. I’m at a loss of what’s going on here

I have reported the exact same issue since the release of 3.5, but till now it has not been fixed.

Really hope the audirvana team to fix this issue :sob: