Playing contents of portable device

Sorry, I posted this in the DLNA forum but I get no answers. Perhaps it is not a DLNA problem.

I just purchased a hi-def portable FiiO music player (the M11S). This is really nice to listen to hi-res music with a good pair of headphones. You can actually use it as a DAC and connect it to your stereo system.

You can set up the device as a media server (it gives you an IP) and access it remotely via the FiiOMusic app. This app exists only for mobile phones and it is very limited. This is a problem for me because now my music is divided between two different “systems”: Audirvana and Fiio. I like the FiiO device but I would like to have all my music database accessible via Audirvana.

Whereas when I use headphones, I have no problem using the FiiOMusic app to manage the contents of the device, I’d like to also connect the device to my computer and being able to use Audirvana as the player whenever I’m not using headphones. I know Audirvana has UPnP/DLNA capabilities but I cannot figure out how to access the FiiO device when it is set as a media server.

As far as I can tell, the only way I can access a networked media server from Audirvana is if it shows as if it were a mounted hard-disk on Finder. If it shows in Finder, then all I have to do is to add the folder to the Audirvana Library and it will play its contents.

Is there any other way to do this, though? If I have the IP for the device, is there any way I can give the IP to Audirvana so that it can scan its contents and play them?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer with this.

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