Playing View - Visible Text

I am trialling Origin on a Macbook which sits close to my HiFi system, it’s like 4 metres from the listening position. When playing albums and showing what is playing, the album cover can fill the whole screen, but what I’d really like to be visible is to show the album title and the song playing in a really large size, so it’s basically visible from this distance.

It’s not a total deal breaker, but it would be really nice to have for the User Interface to have this feature.

Mind you, the original Audirvana which I already have has this limitation, which is annoying enough for me that I’m thinking long term if I find another software which addresses things like this, I will probably move off.

Unless I’m mistaken and it’s actually possible to show this in really large text, but I couldn’t find the setting for it?

Hello, you will find this under the Appearance settings of Audirvāna.

As Antoine has already mentioned, you can change the font size in the Appearance tab under Show settings.

Thanks for the suggestions, I already tried it already to update the setting in appearance. The text size is fine if I’m sitting in front of the computer, but it’s too small if I’m looking from a distance.

It would be nice if there could more control over the text size to make it like, 8 times bigger than this large size.

A laptop from 4 meters distance will always be a challenge to read properly. For any program to be read from your laptop from that distance the text size should be unwieldly large. Probably so impractically large that it would be impossible for Audirvana to maintain a proper layout or display everything on the screen.

I know this is not what you are asking for, but isn’t it more logical to use a tablet or phone with the Audirvana remote app (it is free) to control your laptop from your listening chair? After all, isn’t that what the remote app is for? Or is it a solution to connect your laptop to your television screen? I personally have a dedicated music computer connected to my television for exactly the same reason. Not that you have to of course :wink:

I very often play stuff for hours. I ideally want to see what track is playing. I agree, from that distance, I’m not necessarily expecting to very easily see it, but even if I need to squint or take a step forward, that’s better than having to go up to the computer. A tablet or whatever wouldn’t be very useful for constant display or monitoring. Basically, I’d ideally like it to be like a display on a HiFi component (like CD player or streamer or whatever). If the text was to display rather large, it could scroll across or something, that’s a technique some device displays use.

Hooking up to a TV could be an option, but I don’t necessarily want the TV on for hours on end since they consume a lot of electricity. The laptop is a lot more efficient on energy use.