Playlist Track List refreshes to top of list after playing each track

So, listening through a 200-track playlist, I manually scroll down to the currently playing track to see what I am listening to, and what tracks are coming next. Since the latest update, installed yesterday, as soon as a new track starts playing, the playlist page refreshes and I am back at the top of the list and have to scroll down for ages to get to the track I am listening to. Every time a track loads, I have to scroll back down through the playlist to find the playing track.

I guess it’s a bug, but I can’t see anyone else reporting this in the Remote App forum.

Hi @bdbtbb,

You get this issue with the Audirvāna Studio/Origin 2.3 version with the latest version of the Android Remote?

Yes, I was getting it yesterday with the latest versions of Origin and Remote. But a bit later, after reconnecting to the music pc, the scrolling problem stopped happening.

Sorry to waste your time - must just have been a temporary glitch.

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I will see if I also can get this glitch since I need to do testing on the Remote.

Cool. I just fired up the music this morning and the scrolling bug is happening to me again. I’ve only noticed it when I am looking at the track list of a playlist (with multiple pages of >100 tracks), and just playing through the whole playlist in order.

EDIT: this is happening for me with playlists that I imported into Origin. (I import all my playlists, don’t use the built-in playlist builder in Origin).

Just wanted to let you know that, just like it did yesterday, the scrolling problem stopped when I reconnected after losing connection with the music pc. (For some reason, the Remote app disconnects from the music pc at some point after the screen switches off - that’s why I want an option to force the screen to stay on while the app is connected to Origin. I want it to stay connected all day long.)

I took a video with my phone of the bug in action.

In the video, I scroll through the playlist (notice the strange white blob that flashes up at the top of the screen and how the scrolling stops at certain points unnaturally), set a track playing (and the list jumps up to the top of the playlist), scroll through again, etc.

Just in case you weren’t able to reproduce it, at least you can see it happening for me.

Here is a link to the phone video on OneDrive: