PLEASE give us a stop button

Why is there no stop button any more?


I know by the way I can use the “lock” button, but this is still totally counterintuitive.


There are keyboard shortcuts as well, on the Mac it is “command and full stop” but yes agree 100% a stop button is needed.

I assume windows has the same “play” menu and the shortcuts are in there next to the play/stop etc.


i think for the past users, we can easily find the functions, but for the newcomers, it seems less user friendly at all

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Mostly “counter intuitive” because it’s new.

No. It’s just poor user experience design.


I think I get your meaning. It’s the shock of the new bringing the conservative (survival mode) to the fore. Advacement to a higher level takes courage and commitment.

Before the stop square what did we have?

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Are you serious ???
Sometimes the simple answer is the answer.

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I don’t know, I wasn’t born yet.

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Before the square - there was nothing that needed stopping. Perhaps the folks at Aurdivana were like “These audiophiles, they only need the play button, nobody will be stopping anything”


That padlock button doesn’t look too different than a stop button, it’s a square with a little thing at the top. I agree it’s only weird because it’s new. It’s on the right place, not hidden somewhere or at the top, you hit it once and you know for good it does what it does, stops and release.


C’mon @Damien3 , give us a proper stop button. If it’s just a question of symmetry, combine a Stop and Play/Pause button in one slot. The stop button can be displaced to the lower left and smaller and the Play/Pause a bit bigger to the upper right.


I would welcome the change of a square for a padlock, or anything else, if it represented an actual improvement for the interface, but I do not understand what exactly the thinking was behind placing it completely to the right of the display, far from the pause button…
Minor gripe I admit.


We lifted the arm off the record. Some uncool people purchased a turntable the a small lever for this function. Uncultured plebs they were called. Perfecting lowering/lifting the arm from a spinning turntable sorted the men from the boys.

BTW a veiled swipe at my age I take graciously albeit still smarts.


That’s awesome at least you had an arm to gently lift off the record.
Imagine if you had to use you pinky fingernail to unlock a 3mm padlock so you can stop the record from spinning.

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… Solved!.. And then you can change whatever you wnna change in settings… i even like this button…it just unlocks(!) The system so you can change rhings IN the system…
So from now: don’t stop, just unlock…

Something like this.Stop_Pause Stop_Play

Dear Philip,
Can you still hear anything from the scratchy men’s record?
The boys can…
I mean, allowing for your self confessed venerable age, anything under 9kHz?
:wink: :joy:


It’s true ido wonder what of top end I’m missing out. However, to be serious, it seems I can hear most music played on conventional instruments. :notes::musical_score::musical_note::man_dancing:

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Funny thread…for some reason it made me think of this player I used back in 2000 called XMPlay. I mentioned in another thread the words of wisdom a landlord told me about renting…doesn’t matter good or bad, next to a railroad or toxic dump, someone will rent it. Now 20 years later XMPlay still has people [die-hard] folk who will not move on…I suspect 20 years from now there will be people still attached trying to work out those final bugs. Its the same everywhere, MoOde, Volumio, RuneAudio [great player BTW] etc. etc. Bless you guys…it might sound like it but I’m not judging esp if you are enjoying yourself. But the words come to mind…Sunk-Cost.

Enjoy guys…hope you get that Stop button!!!