Please help ! The fonts on the interface are way to small

Please give us the option to increase the font size. It is far too small. Also, And I have been asking for over a year, please make the scroll bars wider. Those of us with 50+ year old eyes have trouble seeing all of that.
Now for the good news. The sound quality is AMAZING! I like the interface a lot when I can see it. Please address the interface and the fonts. Many of your subscribers will be old guys like me. Thank you.


Hello @EHolmwood,

We had feedbacks about the font and we will make an option to make the font bigger in a future update of Studio.

Are you using MacOS or Windows 10? The scroll bar customization are really different depending on the OS you are using.


on MAC there is no scroll bar… just a scroll button :slight_smile:

Not only the fonts are small. Some icons are unnecessary small. And the Light Purple applied to active items is too subtle to proper highlight.

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WIndows 10. Even if it were just a few pixels wider would help. Thank you.

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I’m sure I was guilty of this too back when I use to write a lot of software, but this is suffering heavily from 20-year old eyes syndrome. :wink: