Plex-like integration of albums in the COMMON library

I tried Roon and for me it was an overbloated wikipedia page. I want the music player to be a music player, not some kind of resource hogging encyclopedia, I understand why many people prefer Roon over Audirvana but for me Audirvana UI is what I want.

But. In Plex you can add streaming albums as it is your own music in the same library, I don’t know if there are any restrictions or IP issues behind of this but I would like to see something like this in my primary HIFI music player, Audirvana,

In my trial with Roon I noticed this unification of libraries was that all the streaming albums were added to a “common” library, Live albums, multiple remasters and even bootlegs together with local albums. Not this please. Let the users choose which albums to add to the library if this kind of thing happens ever in Audirvana.