Pops and crackles when playing strong bass tracks

It started after installing 2.2.3. I am playing from Windows 11. The pops and crackles happen from USB and bluetooth. I’ve used 3 different dacs, kernal streaming and Wasapi. It happens without using any VST plug-in. My system memory is set to 2498, that’s all it allows. It happens with headphones and speakers, and with or without software volume control. The sound is good until I play a moderate volume track with strong bass frequencies, and once the crackling starts, every track after that will crackle even at minimum volume. I re-installed Studio 2.2.3 again, but that did not fix the problem.

Backing out to v 2.2.2 made no difference.

Basic troubleshooting: Have you tried another USB output on your computer? Also try another USB cable. It sounds like a contact problem when it only occurs while playing strong bass notes.
Also check your interconnect cables (RCA etc.) and your speaker cables.

A.Lubke I am not sure what’s your motivation but generally and frequently you misguide people. This is related AS software, when the VU level excessively rises above zero decibel , it causes crackling. This issue was many times discussed before here. I also encounter with this issue frequently almost on all versions AS. I don’t know exactly what it is related to but in some cases I run into this problem. It may be processing or upsampling settings in AS.

Try using built-in audio device.


I understood from the thread’s title and the OP that it happens only when loud bass notes are played. I am just trying to get some obvious basics out of the way. No harm in trying basic trouble shooting first. The OP will not be harmed if he tries. Also the OP will not be harmed when it does not help. Not every case is the same you know.

How do I in your opinion ‘generally and frequently misguide’ people? That is some accusation. Do you think I am in some conspiracy towards Audirvana users? How does that make sense? In some other post I politely disagreed with you because you did not want to send your debug info. Was I misguiding you or do you simply feel offended? Please don’t get personal just because you do not agree with what I have to say. Just stick to facts please. Sometimes advice is wrong, sometimes advice is right. We are simply Audirvana users on this forum trying to help each other out. In my estimation about 50% of my advice did help and the other half did not. That is because I am human and not omniscient. That is no crime. No need to accuse me of things.


Your way off base with the comments on Andy’s intentions and technical advice. I’m thinking his batting average is pretty solid. I got from what he said was just checking the easy stuff and making sure that we don’t overlook the obvious. Do you have any suggestions to the op about how to correct the problem? Or have you not been able to fix yours yet? Hopefully you will stick around and see what you can add to the troubleshooting process.


Duck, Water, Back……….

Probably just got up on wrong side of the bed, it happens to all of us :wink:


Over driving the input of the DAC? I know with VLC you can go over 100% and get distortion, and with FabFilter EQ etc. but he says that every thing is disabled in Audirvāna. Very interesting :thinking:

Audio settings in pc? op needs to post his debug report.

Could be DAC specific issue. I would try also to turn off replay gain.

The OP stated he tried 3 different DACs. What’s also strange: It only started after installing Studio 2.2.3 but reverting to 2.2.2 again did not get rid of the issue. Therefore I was thinking it could be not software but hardware (cable??) related. Could be wrong of course. I don’t want to misguide people :smile:
Now I think of it, since it is Windows, maybe also check:

  • Windows updates
  • (re) install drivers?
  • Check sound settings in Windows, are they changed? (Volume settings etc.).
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Guys, I feel like we’ll have a lot more fun if I keep replying to you. But this channel will not be a suitable place for this, and other users will be unnecessarily stressed.

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I appreciate offers to help. I am still trying to determine the cause.
I have used different audio cables and different usb ports. I have selected no upsampling in Settings, and I don’t believe I’ve exceeded 0 db, but I’m not sure about that. What is wierd is that after the crackling starts, it continues with the tracks that follow even when the volume is turned down to a minimum. When I reboot my laptop and resume with AS everything is fine until I try to play another track with very low punchy bass frequencies. “Keep the Wolves Away” is an example of a track that causes it.

I think it may be premature to say AS is the cause. It may be my computer sound card or a usb driver.

Maybe a bit radical… but do you have another Windows computer you can try Audirvana on?

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That’s exactly what what I am in the process of doing. I have an old Win 8.1 laptop that I am updating to Win 10. I will report back when I can test with it.

I accidentally stumbled into this observation made by Doudou back in May of '21. He references Bit Perfect and r8brain. Does this only apply to upsampling? Is AS in bit perfect mode if Upsampling is de-activated? And could upsampling be related to crackling even though I have upsampling turned off?

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I don’t get your reply. What’s so funny?

Also, I run Origin… however I just listened to Emergency Basslines by Dr Das, at full volume with r8Brain device max frequency, and aside from the pounding my head took… it sounded superb, no clickin or poppin here - the bass is safe|!

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