Pops when playing DSD256 on a MacBook Pro 2019

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to play DSD256 files via a MacBook Pro 2019 (16GB RAM) connected via USB to a Hegel H600 (DoP).

After the playback begins I’m starting to hear pops every 10 seconds or so. The pops continue even after pausing the playback. DSD128 version of the same album works OK.

Some settings I tried without any improvements:

  • DoP 1.0 and DoP 1.1
  • Adjusting the buffer memory allocation up and down
  • Using the system optimizer
  • Using a M1 MacBook Pro, in this case no sound is heard at all

If you have a similar setup, please advise if I should be able to play DSD256 or maybe I need more processing power or memory.

Please paste your Debug Info here so folks can help the best possible… This is found from the Audirvana drop-down window on the menu bar…

If you are hearing “pops” when playback is paused, this alludes to a broader problem of synchronization, because DSD128 is playing as expected and DSD256 does not, and the drop-outs or digital-overs clipping noise (popping and ticking) are presented… “Pops” and “ticks” are generally related to loss of sample-rate synchronization if not related to digital overloads in the DAC.

DoP 1.1 is the correct choice

Because the M1 MBP is not playing these files at all, tells us there is something in your system that is not set-up correctly.

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Here is your problem…
The Hegel H600 supports PCM to 384kHz… The DoP 1.1 (DSD over PCM) PCM carrier sample-rate for DSD256 (11.2MHz) is 705.6kHZ… You cannot play DSD256 via DoP based on the H600 Technical Specifications which seem to erroneously show DSD256 playable via DoP…

## Technical Specifications

Power output: 2 x 303W in 8 ohms, Dual Mono
Minimum load: 2 ohms
Analog inputs: 2 x Balanced (XLR), 2 x Unbalanced (RCA)

Digital outputs: 1 x Coaxial (BNC) S/PDIF - 24/192
Digital inputs: 1 x Coaxial (BNC) S/PDIF - 24/192, DSD64 (DoP), MQA 8x, 1 x Coaxial (RCA) S/PDIF - 24/192, DSD64 (DoP), MQA 8x, 3 x Optical S/PDIF - 24/96, MQA 8x,
> 1 x USB -32/384, DSD256 (DoP), MQA 8x,
1 x Network - 24/192, DSD64, MQA 8x

Line level outputs: 1 x Unbalanced fixed (RCA), 1 x Unbalanced variable (RCA)
Streaming: AirPlay, Roon Ready (pending), Tidal Connect, UPnP
Streaming formats: MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSF, DFF, AAC, PCM, MQA, Ogg
Frequency response: 5Hz-100kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 100dB
Crosstalk: Less than -100dB
Distortion: Less than 0.005% @ 50W 8 Ohms 1kHz
Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19kHz + 20kHz)
Damping factor: More than 4000 (main power output stage)
Dimensions/weight: 17,1cm x 43cm x 44,5cm (HxWxD), 22kg
Dimensions/weight US: 6,74" x 16,93" x 17,52" (HxWxD), 48,51 lbs

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