Potential fix for Android remote connectivity issues

Disable battery optimization for the remote app in Android

I know I am brand new to Audirvana, and I haven’t even purchased anything yet since nothing is currently available to purchase. I’m currently in my trial period.

I’ve been having connectivity issues with the Android remote app, and wanted to provide a possible remedy. I searched the forums for this fix, but surprisingly did not find it mentioned. Either my searches were terrible, or this fix has not been mentioned yet. This fix is fairly well known by the Android community to help fix misbehaving apps. I own a Samsung Galaxy S9+, but this should apply to any phone running a newer version of Android.

(1) Bring up Settings page, then Apps page
(2) On the three-dot menu (mine is in the upper right corner) select “Special access”
(3) Look for “Optimize battery usage” and tap on it. Mine is the very top option. You could also find this by searching for “optimize” on your settings page if your phone is different.
(4) This list is of apps that are not optimized. Since most apps are optimized by default, change the “Apps not optimized” option at the top to “All”.
(5) Now you can scroll down to the Audirvana app and disable it. It should be enabled by default. Being enabled may be what is causing connectivity issues.

That’s it! Battery optimization messes with apps that use the network, like the Audirvana remote, and is doing so in order to save the battery life. So far, my remote app works much better and I have yet to have a single connection problem.

Give it a try and see if it helps you! If anything changes, I will report back in this thread.

I’m obviously talking about the existing app. This fix would also apply to the newly updated app once it is released, if it too has any connection problems.

I just had my first connection error today. While this fix does help the app to run more smoothly, it doesn’t seem to totally fix the connection issue. My apologies. Feel free to delete this thread.

Do not feel bad !
Any help to solve remote misbehaving, any hints and observations are very welcome !
I noticed that on fresh start of Windows 10 pc and also if I reboot my LG G6 Plus phone with Android 8 , remote is working while my PC is connected to home wi fi wireless.
As soon I connect PC with network cable directly to router remote is dead.
With network cable internet is faster on my pc end everything is working but remote is kaput.
Now I noticed also that that wired connection is affecting also Gizmo remote which is app for Android to control JRiver Media Centre.
Restarting PC or rebooting phone do not resolve the problem.
I was rebooting also my cable Motorola SB6141 modem and Linksys EA 6500 v1 router, and corresponding range extender and power line internet devices at my place.
That did not resolve the problem.
When remote is on the network and pc is connected everything works for a while until I would start to fire up some other programs on pc and I would mess up something.
The other words this is not steady remote control application.

If you do not like what you were posting here, you are the only one that can edit or delete your post.
Maybe if you would be swearing or offending somebody than administrator probably would delete your comments.
This forum I am finding very resourceful and friendly.
I was afraid that somebody is going to kick me out of this forum after I posted some info leading readers towards other software but nothing happened. (YET)
So now I am more Loyal to Audirvana and I am trying not to do any damage posting controversial information.
I didn’t try your battery optimization enable disable trick but I will.
Any trick is good to try.

Please try deactivating “Rescan network folders at each start”, maybe restart your remote and Audirvana and let us know. I had the connection problems just like several users of this forum and with this trick it finally works, another user in this forum discovered it.