Problem with DIRAC Live 3.x AU plugin

Hello All, Hello Damien,

I use Audirvana and Dirac for years with success.
Dirac AU plugin works fine if I use a direct connection to my DAC (USB, Devialet Air via Wifi), specially with real time plugin configuration that appears in its window. But if I choose a direct UPNP connection also proposed by Audirvana with the same DAC, there is no AU plugin applied nor real time configuration window. No AU use possible with UPNP. Is this normal ?

I’m on Catalina and use a Devialet gear, with Dirac Live for Studio (3.x)

Hello @Inox,

You can use Audio Unit plugin in Audirvana in UPnP, you need to select it and set it up before you play your music. Have you tried with one of the Apple Audio Unit?

For me Dirac only works in Realtime mode. No idea why. Realtime is not possible via unpnp and therefore Dirac does not work.

Which version of the plugin are you using?

At the changelog of the Dirac processor I just see that I need to update.
After the update of the processor it works. Also on OSX
Perfect. Thanks.

Dirac Live Processor v1.3.12 Changelog


  • Can now be used without realtime control in the host Audirvana on Windows

Hi All,
I’m using the latest version of Dirac Live Processor (1.3.15). I found what was wrong : if the “real time configuration” box is checked, no plugin is applied with UPNP. When unchecked, correction is applied.
Thanks Damien.

I only recently noticed. Loading the first track has become really slow.

Since the update, Dirac works fine in real time and with real time turned off. But also very slow in both cases. When I look at the processes there is nothing that uses a lot of CPU or memory.
It seems like Audirvana is waiting for Dirac to be ready to start.

The music starts immediately without a plug-in used. Are there others who use Dirac on OSX where starting an album or playlist takes a lot of time?

Hello @Jacob,

are you trying to play a 16/44 album?

Does that matter?

I play almost everything from Qubuz and do not pay attention to the sample rate.
Normally once an album is running there is no more loading time. Sometimes a track can have a very long loading time in the middle of a playlist.

Do I have to pay attention to the sample rate / bit depth of the track?

If you play a 24/192 or a 16/44, it’s not demanding the same bandwidth.

The past two weeks I have only listened “lossless” in Audirvana with Dirac. In 16/44 everything responds quickly, it is very usable.

With playlists with varying bit / sample rates, the Mac is more often showing the “beachball”. There is no high CPU or network load. The system seems to be waiting for something.

With varying bit sample rates and Dirac switched off, the system is fast again.

It’s not a big deal. It is a pity that all separate parts work well. But the combination lead to a slow / unpredictable behavior.

Could it be that Dirac restarts the plug-in with varying sample rates (and checks the license)? which just takes time, but does not cause a heavy CPU load.