Problem with DSD playback on OPPO UDP-205

I’ve found a real problem with DSD files playback with USB input of OPPO UDP-205. According to manufacturer specification OPPO UDP-205 USB input supports native DSD playback up to 2ch/2.8224MHz/5.6448MHz/11.2896MHz. But there’s no sound nether Native nor both of DoP v.1.0 and v.1.1.
I have sound when Audirvana+ streaming DSD files to UDP-205 as UPnP device.

And really funny thing is that Audirvana+ for Windows plays the same DSD files over OPPO’s USB input with no problem!
JRive has no problems with OPPO and DSD files also.

I tried to get support via website contact form but didn’t get any answer. Is any chance if it will be fixed in future updates?

Can’t answer your specific question re a fix, but I can confirm that A+ plays up to QuadDSD (DSD256) through the async USB input of my DAC from at least two different Macs. The choice of DoP version appears not to make a difference under my conditions.

I did have drop outs with QuadDSD until I did some earthing work.

Perhaps an obvious/stupid question, but is the DAC being correctly recognised in the A+ PREFERENCES > AUDIO SYSTEM > ACTIVE AUDIO DEVICE AND is that preference panel ALSO highlighting (in green) ALL the supposed stream capabilities of the UDP-205?

I ask as I have had an instance where I spotted that I appeared to have only a lower subset of my DAC’s capabilities highlighted in A+ preferences when I had another issue in my USB chain.

Also worth checking that APPLE > SYSTEM PREFERENCES > SOUND also recognises the DAC. I think I’m right that some Macs won’t recognise the audio device correctly if it is turned on after A+ is launched.

There also appear to be some firmware updates for the UDP-205, although they appear to address MQA.