Problem with Pioneer N-70AE and Audirvana

First, sorry for my english. I use translator.

I have a problem with playing music on the Pioneer N-70AE. When I switch to the next song, instead of starting the next song, Audirvana stop playing. On purchased Audirvana for Mac and on Trial Audirvana for Windows 10 the problem is the same. This problem is not on Audirvana and SmartTV.

Unfortunately the issue is probably on the Pioneer side.

The video you linked is private.

Only my Pionieer or everyone?

According to this site, it should work with Pioneer:

The video should work now.

With some devices it works with others it doesn’t. It depends on release and firmware version.

This interruption after the track change is well known issue.

So Pioneer is not broken, I just have to wait for the update to fix that?

Pretty much. Maybe Audirvana will come up with a workaround, you’re not the only one having this issue.

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